Next up in our series of traveler interviews, we sat down with Lucas Moreno. An equities trader who got his start in high school with the hope of funding his surf trips turned into full-blown addiction and passion. Lucas is now  a full-time traveler who describes his style of travel as adventurous, unplanned and wild.

Q. How did you get into traveling? When/how did you realize it was for you?

A. I started traveling at a very young age. The first international trip I did, I was around 1 year old. I don’t remember that trip but I’ve been traveling ever since then. It was a big part of my parents' lives, which they then imparted onto my sister and I. They had a big penchant for adventure. They spent their honeymoon traveling through the Amazon rainforest. I saw those pictures growing up and was inspired to have my adventures and stories to pass onto my future children.

Q. What was your first trip solo trip?

A. The first international trip I did solo, I was around 22 or 23 years old. The trip wasn’t completely solo, because I was meeting different people along the way but it gave me my first taste of solo travel. It only lasted around 3 months but it was amazing. I met some friends in Budapest and we spent some time there, before finishing our trip in Croatia. I then went from there to attend a wedding in Granada, Spain. It was my first international wedding, which was an absolute blast. I finished that trip by traveling through Portugal. Portugal had been atop my must-see list for quite a while. I grew up surfing so Portugal had a natural draw for me.

Q. How did you feel during your first trip versus how do you feel now whenever you take a trip?

A. The difference between my first solo trip and now is night and day. I remember that first solo trip I had two HUGE suitcases that I had to check-in everywhere I went. It was a massive pain and completely unnecessary. Now, I only travel with a carry on bag. It simplifies everything and is less stressful. I think people would be surprised by how little they use/need when they travel. Another difference between my first solo trip and now is the amount of confidence I have in myself. I am confident everywhere I go that I can navigate my surroundings.

Q. Out of all the places you’ve been to, what is your favorite destination and why?

A. I’m not sure I have a favorite destination. A few that come to mind are Costa Rica, Portugal, and Southern Spain. I love them for different reasons. Though some commonalities are fantastic food, good weather, and incredible scenery. I love to surf which is part of the reason Costa Rica and Portugal are on the list. I like places that are laid back and not too fast-paced. I think far too often we go through life trying to get to “the next place”, without enjoying the journey and these places seem to emphasize the “journey” part of life more so than other places I’ve been to. Costa Rica has a saying that you see plastered everywhere in the country; “Pura Vida.” It means “pure life” This saying stuck with me and I’ve taken it wherever I’ve traveled.

Q. If you could give just one travel tip to budding travelers, what would it be?

A. If I could give only one travel tip to budding travelers it would be, “The destination is not what matters, what matters are the people. The connections we make along the way. Get outside your comfort zone and have the mindset to meet new people. You’d be surprised what that does for your overall trip experience.”

We loved talking to Lucas and are glad he took the time out to answer our questions. You can find him at lucasbmorenoo on Instagram, you should definitely follow him and his journey!