Aaron Johnston is a Data Analyst in New York City and has lived in the US for the past few years. He is originally from a small town outside New Castle in New South Wales, Australia. Aaron grew up on a farm, but always had a strong passion and desire to see the world. When he's exploring the world he is known to be extremely outgoing and always up for hike or resting beach side. Most importantly, he has allegedly watched Lebron James in more countries than anyone else.

Q. How did you get into traveling? When/how did you realize it was for you?

A. In high school I first found myself being absorbed by foreign films - It was a great was to escape (I grew up in a small rural town) and let my imagination run for a few hours while being immersed in different languages, cultures and landscapes. I realized pretty soon after that the flame had been lit and I was already planning out how I was going to travel to these places.

Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

Q. What was your first trip solo trip?

A. My first trip outside of my home country of Australia (also my first solo trip) was to Rome, Italy. I was 20. I travelled solo through Europe for a week before meeting up with college friends for another two. Since then I’ve done more extended solo trips including a month along the transiberian railway and 9 months backpacking central and South America.

Q. How did you feel during your first trip versus how do you feel now whenever you take a trip?

A. I was excited but also extremely anxious. I remember my first flight to Europe had a 3-hour transit in Singapore and the whole 8-hour flight from Sydney all I could think about was whether 3 hours would be enough to make my connection. It ended up taking 30 minutes. Now that I’m more experienced the anxiety is much less but the excitement is still there. Although, I often wish I could relive my first trip and that feeling of not knowing anything.

Q. Out of all the places you’ve been to, what is your favorite destination?

A. That’s really tough to answer. So many places are special for so many different reasons. Every few months someone will ask me this question and honestly it changes depending on my mood. If it’s winter or I’m feeling lethargic at the time, I might say a beachtown in Costa Rica and if I’m feeling energized it could be trekking in Nepal or Patagonia.

Day on Lake Moraine
We loved talking to Aaron and are glad he took the time out to answer our questions. He makes an effort to travel as frequently as he can, and actively posts his journeys on Instagram. If you are up to see where he goes to next you can follow him at @aaronjohnno